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 Starting in 2011 with a few random animals, the dream of creating breath taking genetics, a love of everything the reptile community stands for and a general fascination with the cold blooded has become what you see before you. It is with this passion that we hope to become a standard in the reptile community offering the knowledge we have acquired as well as new friends and contacts we have made through our hobby.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this site or about any of the animals we keep.
Carpet Python 
Black and White Tegu  We also keep a number of animals that we do not breed. These are our pets and ambassador animals that we use for educational presentations and as companions. You can view information about our Educational Presentations as well as a few of their caresheets and species information we have put together.

Tegus - Sulcata Tortoises - Fat Tail Geckos
Greybanded Kingsnakes - California Kingsnakes - Cornsnakes

We also support many local rescues both reptile and non reptile related including starting up a Shelter Animal Sponsorship program to help homeless animals find their perfect home. This program should launch fall of 2015
Our rights as the Reptile Nation are under attack
Legal groups with anti pet legislation is attempting to make the ability to share our lives with these amazing animals increasingly difficult. Please if you are able to think about donating to USARK to help protect the rights of the reptile keepers of this great nation. Every donation, no mater how small, will go to help the fight to keep these animals. Click on the picture to be taken directly to the USARK Defense Fund Page.

You may also view our Lacey Act Information Page
USARK Defending the rights of the reptile nation 

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