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The carpet python has seven subs
carpet pythons
Carpet Python - Tiki
The carpet python has seven subspecies at GCH we currently work with the Jungle (Morelia spilota cheynei), and the Iryan Jaya (Morelia spilota harrison) and should have Coastals (Morelia spilota mcdowelli) in the near future. This species is a very active species and many prefer to be semi arboreal and have things to climb up on to. This makes for a great display animal but not so great for photo ops since they rarely hold still once you pull them out. They are very inquisitive and will not make a good snake to sit on the couch and hold while you watch a movie. If you are considering this species there are a few things about their care that you should know.

General Care of the Carpet Python

Enclosure Sizes
 Adult: 3x2x2 is ideal with larger being better
 Juvenile/Hatchling: Depending on size a Shoebox size tub is ok
 **Tanks do not work well for this species since mesh tops allow humidity to escape to easily**

Enclosure Decor: Make sure there is some kind of hide or something they are able to get up onto. I think there are times my guys do the 'the floor is lava routine. I also suggest a rather larger water bowl because this species does like it fairly humid.

Temps: Hot spot of about 90 with a gradient to roughly 72

Humidity: A large water bowl placed close to the hot spot should be plenty. I will randomly mist my guys if I notice they are in deep blue just to give them a little extra. They do not require daily misting or even weekly misting. I am able to maintain with just the surface area of the bowls.

Handling: I have noticed that many of your 'nippy' hatchlings will calm down once they are no longer 'easily eaten'. Once they get a bit of size on them many of them calm down and turn into great pets. That being said every animal is an individual and may not follow the "norm".

Feeding: I have heard mixed things on this. There are carpets who will be 6ft plus that are strictly mouse eaters. Then there are the carpets like I have that do not turn down a meal regardless of what you offer. I have offered mine mice, rats, chicks, and rabbit pinks and they have no issues with any of them. My advice on this one would be to get your young carpets to rats at an early age. Carpets will generally take large meals compared to their size. They are a thin bodied animal that can easily take a large rat and not bat an eye. Be careful not to overfeed your carpet either.

GCH Breeding Stock
We currently work with animals from Bryan Hummel of Carpetmorphs.com (Facebook Page) and Zack Green of Zack Green Reptiles (Facebook Page) which include lines from VPI and McLear as well as from Shannon Roepke who works with Andrew Hare's line

If you are looking for additional information on these species, I strongly suggest that you purchase
 "The Complete Carpet Python" by Nick Mutton of Inland Reptile

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